The Broken Yoke Ranch


The Modern Family Ranch

Formerly Soluna Farm and Ranch, Broken Yoke Ranch is a first-generation, 128 acre farm in Geauga county. Dedicated to the idea that food can be produced sustainably, ethically, and most importantly while everyone is having fun! Whether we are training our oxen, boiling sap, sharing knowledge, or working cattle, we work hard to make the art of food production fun. 


Our Core Values

Sustainably Raised

Naturally Produced

Ethically Managed

Our farm is built on the idea that we can produce food of all varieties using the laws and tools that nature provides to us. We seek, through our farm management, to mimic naturally existing ecosystems that increase soil health, sequester carbon, and result in all natural products that you can feel confident feeding to your family.  We do all of this while prioritizing the health and happiness of the livestock on our ranch.