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The Broken Yoke Ranch

Our Family

Ours is not a traditional family story. Dawn's passion for children led her to the foster and adoption world. Darrell's passion for being right led him to the single world. Having met with the goal of appeasing a mutual friend, the two of us hit it off. We quickly saw what direction our path was headed, and that was that. 

Along with Dawn came two adopted boys--Austin and Brantley. As we prepared for our wedding, a little hiccup happened----the Corona. So there we were, stuck together all the time. The four of us. That June, Carter Rose made a sudden appearance, and we became a family of five--almost literally overnight. 

As the Ranch grows and becomes our home, it will be a place where fostering and adoption will always be a part of our life. 


Meet Your Farmers

The Broken Yoke Team

Darrell is the founder and herd boss of The Broken Yoke Ranch. Darrell manages the cattle, does most of our events and public speaking, and can usually be found at the Ranch coming up with new and wild ideas. Nearly everything Darrell knows about farming comes from YouTube and trial and error---mostly error. 


Dawn is our head trainer (ox, children, husband--all her trainees), Chief Marketing Officer, and the person who keeps literally everything moving. Dawn can usually be found in the barn training oxen, chasing down our herd of children or on facebook making ads! 

Austin is our oldest ranch hand. He has an eye for organization and systematizing things around the farm. He is full of energy and has the work ethic of a Himalyan Yak. 

Brantley is the farms spirit animal. With his head in the clouds and his feet on the ground, he will entertain you, keep you on your toes, and make you laugh literally until the cows come home. He is also the fashion guru on the Ranch. 

Carter Rose is the supervisor. Never keen on facing away from the action, she is ready to let you know when things aren't right. Also the adventurer, you cannot take your eyes off of the little lightning bolt. 

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