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FAQ about BYR

  • Do we process the animals?

    • We process the chickens and turkeys on the farm. All of our beef and pork is harvested at a USDA inspected facility. 

  • What is dry aging and how long does the beef hang?

    • Dry aging is when you take a piece of meat and put it into a controlled open-air environment to go through a flavor transformation. By exposing the meat to air, moisture is pulled out and the natural enzymes in the beef break the muscles down slowly over time, making it more tender. Our beef hangs for 21 days in a temperature controlled environment. 

  • What breed of cows are in your beef herd?

    • Angus, Hereford and crosses of these two breeds. We also raise Dutch Belted Cows as oxen and grass mowing lawn ornaments. 

  • Is the pork raised at BYR?

    • Yes and No. We raise a portion of the pork and the remainder is raised at a local amish farm. 

  • What feed do the poultry eat?

    • We source ours from a local feed vendor in Middlefield that mixes the feed directly at that site. 

  • Is the Beef raised at BYR?

    • Yes and No, we have a herd of beef cattle at BYR and also down at Ohio Land and Cattle. Both programs adhere to a strict grass fed and finished only feeding program.

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