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The Teams at BYR

Our Working Teams

Lots of farms have cows. How many have working cows, though? At BYR, we love to put our animals to work. In addition to Cleetus, our livestock guard dog, we have some other four legged friends that work with us. 

Each of our teams is trained regularly, and has learned to safely do any and all of the jobs that we ask of them. When you come to our ranch, you will get to experience our oxen whether as part of a hands on training experience, a cart ride, or a demonstration on some of our more labor intensive projects. 

The Big Boys

Maternity (12).jpg

Buck and Claude are twin Brown Swiss steers that are 7 years old. The most obvious trait of these two is their size. We think they weigh around a ton each, and stand 6 feet tall. They came to us from another farm in Ohio where they were raised and trained. These guys will do the majority of our heavy work. Their yoke alone weighs over 100 pounds! We have had them in parades and movies! Please contact us if you are interested in adding a unique element to your event.



Here at BYR, we take pride in our family cow, Karen. She is a true jack-of-all-trades and helps us with a little bit of everything around the farm. Not only is she a reliable and hardworking single ox, but she also just welcomed a beautiful baby this summer. We have plans to breed her this fall and continue to see her incredible offspring. Karen is truly part of our family and we couldn't imagine our farm without her.

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