Half Hog (Approx. 70 pounds)---Deposit

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Get your hands on (approximately) 70 pounds of our pasture raised pork, and have it prepared your way. We charge $3.50 per pound on the rail (hanging weight), which includes the cost of processing. Your pork will be cut to your specification, vacuum sealed and labeled in portions that you choose. If you want to get real fancy, we can have ham and bacon smoked for a small additional charge.

Pricing Example: We do our best to take our hogs in around the time that they will hang at 220 pounds. This will generally result in 140 pound of meat in the freezer. For a half you would pay $385, and get approximately 70 pounds of meat. Which means you are paying around $5.50 per pound for your farm-fresh, pasture raised, heritage pork.

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