Broken Yoke Ranch

The History of the Ranch

Broken Yoke Ranch was started in January 2021, when owners Darrell and Dawn decided that it was time to expand. Darrell started Soluna Farm in 2017, after 10 years of the drudges of Washington, DC made him yearn for land. Built on 13 acres in Auburn Township, Soluna Farm was a place for Darrell to develop his passion for farming, for production, and for sharing the fun that comes with it. 

Dawns passion for oxen, which was the genesis for the Broken Yoke name, led them to the question--what next? 

After months of searching, Darrell and Dawn came across the land that is now the Ranch. Brokered through the Western Reserve Land Conservancy, the property is eternally protected, ensuring that our ranch will always be preserved. 

The Ranch is home to our oxen teams, our cattle herds, pigs, goats, chickens, and who knows what else. We plan to expand our maple operation, as we tap into the resources of the many acres of woods. Most importantly the Broken Yoke Ranch will be a place where the community can learn about what makes a Modern American Family Ranch. 


The property that Broken Yoke Ranch is built on is all protected under a series of conservation easements that are managed by the Western Reserve Land Conservancy. With them, we hope that we can do our part preserve this piece of land, as well as work with the conservancy to preserve other sections of Northeast Ohio.