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Broken Yoke Ranch

The Mission of The Ranch

Broken Yoke Ranch started by accident with a couple of chicks from the local farm store. As Darrell got deeper into the world of food production, it became clear that there was a better option than what he had come accustomed to buying from the store---grow it on the farm! First chickens, then a turkey or two, and before we knew it, our farm was full of all the animals. 


Our goal from the day we sold our first food products has been high-quality at fair prices that allow us to continue to operate, all infused with as much convenience and customer connection as we can create!  

Now that we have a non-profit store, from which you can buy retail cuts of our beef, pork, and lamb, as well as our on-farm wholesale options for those as well as Turkey and Chicken, buying from BYR and The Ox Shoppe is as easy as ever, the quality is second to none, and nearly everything we purchase for the farm is sourced from a local shop. 


At the core of what we do is our passion for the environment. Thanks to the Western Reserve Land Conservancy, our farm will forever be protected land, with strict rules about how it can be used. 

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