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50 Pound Beef Pack(1/8 of a cow)

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If you want all of the convenience of stocking up on the healthiest, highest quality beef, but don't have a lot of space, then this is your package. You'll get a selection of all the cuts, totaling 50 pounds of grass fed, grass finished beef.

You'll get a nice collection of ribeyes, filet, sirloin, and strips, a handful of roasts from the chuck, round, and sirloin tip, ground beef, stew and a few extra unique cuts to round it out. If you'd like some soup bones, we'll throw those in, as well.

Like all of our beef, we want to give you the freshest possible experience. Once you place your order, we will reach out to schedule your order for the earliest available date. We promise, its worth the wait.

All of our beef is aged 21 days before it is cut to our specifications.

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