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Whats In Store for ’24---Our One Beefy Change

With the store now up and running in full swing, wholesale beef and pork make up about half of what we sell at BYR. In the past we have been doing monthly offerings, which was definitely convenient for our customers, but not so much for your favorite farmers. A monthly offering meant loading, a trip to the processor, cutlist calls, setting up pick up, and moving meat every single month. Its not that we don’t enjoy that, its just incredibly inefficient.

Starting in 2024, we have moved to a schedule that sets us up to process every other month—every even month specifically. Cows will go in at the beginning of February, and be ready for pick up at the end of February. While its not a perfect system, it certainly does help. The other thing we are going to try and do a better job of is automating cutlists. Many of you are repeat customers and don’t need us to walk you through the process. Offering you a link that you can simply answer some questions and move on with your day should help that process. It will also give us a log of your preferences so that eventually you won’t even need to do that. We are not trying to remove the personal connection that comes with the cutlist all, and will gladly do a call with anyone---even our grizzled veterans---but the convenience will be there as an option.

The other big change is that we have set our numbers for the year. Once we are sold out for a given set, we will move on to filling the next one. So, once February is full, the next beef will be available at the end of April. After that, end of June, end of August, etc. We have really enjoyed having flexibility for our customers, but the truth is it stretches us thin and takes away from customer experience.

In the end our goals is a more positive customer experience with clearer expectations from end to end. Better communication, better clarity on timelines, better records from order to order, and ultimately a higher quality product.

We currently have very limited space for February, and would encourage you to hop on to order now if you are interested in filling your freezer and having the convenience and security of a full freezer before the end of April!


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